As you all know, Kyle Gibson was the Twins' first round draft pick in the 2009 draft. Many had him pegged as a top five pick, but then he injured his arm and a faced a rapid decline down draft boards. He did not pitch in the minors at all during the 2009 season, but when he appeared in 2010 he produced results.

During the 2010 season Gibson managed to rack up 143 innings through three minor league levels. While at Fort myers he only made seven appearances, but was lights out. He posted an above average strikeout rate, and a roughly league average walk rate. To top it off he also possessed a 2.91 FIP which is considered above average (fielding independent pitching), but the Florida State League is more of a pitchers park, so take that how you wish.

Once he was promoted to AA he really started to take off, and based off of his 3.08 FIP he was one of the best pitchers in the Eastern League. The Eastern League is fairly neutral in terms of being a pitchers or hitters league, so a 3.08 FIP in AA is a lot more credible, especially since the talent gap is a little larger than in A ball. His strikeout rate was more on the average side, but that's expected when facing more advanced talent. Gibson only made three starts in AAA, so there is not a lot of information that can be taken from those starts.