Dare I say the worst thing that ever happened to Aaron Hill was the 2009 season?

Yeah, the season when he won the Silver Slugger Award and was considered one of the best young second baseman in the league. But what exactly was the worse "thing" that happened to Hill that year was the 36 home runs.

Why you ask? If one observes the 2005-2008 version of Hill, one remembers the sweet, compact and quick stroke an ideal No. 2 hitter possesses. That swing earned him the ability to hit for average, with a decent on-base percentage and some home run pop. Then 2008 came around and we all remembered the concussion Hill suffered when he collided with the tiniest player in baseball, David Eckstein. We held our breath, but Hill finally returned in 2009 and had a career year, posting a .286/.330/.499 slash line along with 36 home runs and 37 doubles.

The thing that I remember the most as Hill was quickly building his slugging percentage was him saying he was not a home-run hitter and even he did not know where the power barrage was coming from.

Well 2010 rolled around, and a truly new Hill was born. If one compares Hill's pre-2009 swing and his current swing, one will notice that the quick compact swing has been replaced by a longer swing which can include a 'hitch' at times, a typical power hitter's swing. For comparison purposes, when I say power hitter, I mean hitters like Adam Dunn and Jack Cust. It became obvious to me Hill thought he was a power hitter and not a contact hitter, hence the increase in pop-ups and strikeouts.