The first day of full squad workouts for the Chicago Cubs started with some laughter but ended with a scare, as pitcher Matt Garza walked off the mound after throwing 20 pitches of a 40-pitch batting practice session.

Garza hurt his left side but says he should be OK. But for a team that has been searching for answers during, well, the past 104 years, it was an inauspicious start.

Before practice and the injury, the Cubs held a team meeting, with ownership and the entire front office present. It’s at that point the Cubs donned orange hunting gear, mocking manager Dale Sveum’s winter hunting expedition, during which he was accidentally shot, though not seriously. After the laughs subsided, Sveum had words for his 2013 team.

“The message I want to get through is accountability and work ethic and preparation, and things aren’t accepted here as much as other places sometimes,” he said. “The players have to realize how much change has gone on in the organization in one year.”

A lot of that change will be on display in spring training as new meets old.

The Cubs have a season to play very soon but at every turn in Mesa during the past week there has been a storyline looking toward the future. There’s the future of spring training (new facility opens next year), the future of Wrigley Field (hope that renovations begin soon) and, of course, the future of the on-field product. All three were addressed by owner Tom Ricketts.

“I think everyone knows from top to bottom that everyone is on the same page,” newcomer pitcher Scott Baker said after the meeting. “Everybody wants to get this organization to being one of the best, if not the best in baseball. That all starts at the top, with ownership and the front office. Everybody had the same points to make; everyone is working toward a common goal.

“Do the best you can: We’re going to have fun, but at the same time we’re working toward something special.”