It's funnier now to look back at what we were so worried about. We were so worried about Felix Hernandez. Not consistently worried, but occasionally worried, more worried than we've been in the past. And while we all knew we were being overprotective and just a little bit irrational, it's not like we didn't have reasons. No matter how much the coaching staff tried to explain things away, we had reasons. His velocity was down. The results weren't right.

Through Felix's first dozen starts, leading up through June 1, he threw just over 81 innings. He registered 81 strikeouts. What's the most important thing you want to see from a strikeout starting pitcher? Strikeouts, and Felix was still getting them. It would've been one thing if Felix were averaging five or six strikeouts per nine innings. He was averaging nine strikeouts per nine innings. And we were worried.