In Internet vote, Patrick Marleau won the "Fan Favorite" award at the conclusion of the Sharks' regular season. He may be forcing a recall vote in the playoffs.

Marleau was hardly the sole reason the Sharks lost Thursday's game to the St. Louis Blues, 2-1, at HP Pavilion. But he was the face of the defeat. And he probably deserved to be.

Sometimes it's hard to keep reminding yourself that Marleau is the Sharks' all-time leader in game-winning playoff goals (13) as well as in career playoff points (88). For all that, the man has a habit of stringing together postseason games where he has little to no impact on anything, including beer sales. Then, when you least expect it, he pops up to score a big goal.

Now would be a good time for that to happen. Because so far in four games against the Blues, Marleau is back in his non-impact mode. His well-known climate-control personality -- he never gets too excited or too angry, just stays even keel -- only multiplies the perception that he's lacking in passion to compete.

Teammates say that's a false perception. And Marleau himself said he is frustrated that he is pointless in this series after four games.

"We're getting chances and we've got to take advantage of those chances," Marleau said. "Obviously, if they all went in, we'd be in a better position. I'm just trying to focus on the next shift."

He had better focus fast. The Sharks are down three games to one and are

another loss away from elimination. They needed desperately to win Thursday's game. And a Marleau mistake in the third period could have prevented that victory.