It's important to remember exactly how we got here because we may never experience anything like it again. That's not to say that there will never be another phenom, because the notion is as old as sports itself. The only constant in sports is the expectation of the unexpected and there will always be something new.

But we live in an age in which everything is available to us whenever we want it. We can watch every game, read every report and follow everyone worth following for real-time updates. It has made us all smarter, more informed and far more cynical about everything. We are slowly losing the capacity to be truly surprised by anything, all of which made Jeremy Lin's ascent all the more remarkable.

He was simply another basketball player hanging around the fringes who got a chance. Remember that the Knicks burned through the likes of Baron Davis and Mike Bibby before turning in desperation to Lin. Remember that in his last game before the madness he played all of six minutes against the Celtics, missing all three shots and getting destroyed by Avery Bradley.