He has been called a "coach killer", a "complete loser", and an "enigma". At times, his work ethic and character have been called out and questioned. But so far into this young abbreviated season, the Carolina Hurricanes don't have any issues with Alexander Semin, and he seems fine with them as well.

In a recent article posted by the Sporting News, the club's general manager, Jim Rutherford had nothing but good to say about the Russian sniper. And why should he complain? Semin leads all forwards with ice time and is near the top of the team's stat chart regarding shots on goal, assists, and plus/minus.

"Sasha" has one goal and five assists so far but has hit the post on several shots, leaving one to think that with a slight change of luck, the goals will soon come. He has also made several brilliant passes that have just missed, as the recipient was not ready or expecting them.