The Greg Monroe situation in Detroit is what I would refer to as ... perilous.

Monroe was drafted by the Detroit Pistons in 2010 and for two years, he was supposed to be the future of the franchise. The problem was that the present of the franchise was an epic freaking disaster. You can talk about the Knicks and all of their drama. You can talk about how the Lakers fell apart or the Derrick Rose injury in Chicago.

But the Pistons were a whole other deal.

We're talking a player-mutiny, three-coaches-hired-and-fired, total-and-complete-misery, trading-for-Corey-Maggette, withering-seventh-circle-of-basketball-hell deal. There's the Knicks, who constantly fail under ridiculous expectations with a massive payroll. And then there's a team full of veterans which staged a revolt against their first-year coach. The Pistons have been bad on a transcendent level, having won 84 games in four seasons.

Then came last season, which was supposed to change everything. A new owner opened up the wallet finally and Joe Dumars went on a spending spree. Unfortunately, it was like going to a big-box store and buying cases of the knockoff sodas. They added Josh Smith on a big-money deal and Brandon Jennings on what was actually pretty good value.

People were worried about Smith from the get-go. Could Andre Drummond, Monroe and Smith play together? Smith was best as a power forward in recent years and took too many perimeter shots when he was at the wing. Could they survive defensively with Monroe a physical limitation and Drummond learning to play center?

The answer was no, to all of the above. Mo Cheeks was fired halfway through his first season. As a result, there's a question of whether Monroe is part of the long-term plan because he was set to be a restricted free agent this summer and was involved in trade rumors for most of last season.