Last week I wrote about how far the Cleveland Cavaliers have come since LeBron James took his talents to South Beach. While I stand by everything that I wrote in that article, it mostly pertains to the front office and the assets that the organization has been able to acquire over the past 2 years. If you look at the win column, it remains fairly consistent. And this is mostly by design. I feel as though we've done a good job here at Fear The Sword promoting the idea that it's better to tank for a top-5 draft pick than to push for the 8th seed and sit in NBA purgatory.

However, I think we may have done too good of a job getting that point across to those of you that read FTS on a regular basis. What makes me say this? Because after the Cavaliers' trade with the Memphis Grizzlies, I had multiple people on Twitter asking me why we would do a trade like that, complaining that it would ruin our chances at tanking. And I don't think I've really been pushing the tanking agenda this year, but I guess it carried over from last year.

Last season, I thought tanking for the best draft pick possible was absolutely necessary. I do not think that is the case this season. Here are the differences from last year to this year that make me feel this way.