Playoff mottos and slogans are extremely common in the sporting world. In the NHL, they work like clockwork. Every playoff team rushes to start their new slogans and campaigns as soon as the regular season concludes and the hunt for the Stanley Cup begins. As you might expect, most are pretty pedestrian, but some are so bad that we have to write a post poking fun at how bad they are.

The Chicago Blackhawks are arguably a favorite to win the Cup this year, but they’re bringing up the rear in terms of slogans. The Blackhawks’ motto of “One Goal” is supposed to describe the team’s quest for another title. Instead, it can easily be interpreted other ways.

In Game 1 against the Nashville Predators, the Blackhawks lost by a 1-0 score. The team’s motto of “One Goal” looked pretty silly next to Tweets about the team trailing by one goal. They also make it sound like the team is comfortable scoring just one goal per game.