After the 76ers lost to the Heat last Saturday, in the first of four meetings, the Philadelphia coach all but threw up his hands.
“They’re a great, great team,” he said. “I don’t see any weaknesses. The only thing that I could see is if you had two bigs, they could try to pound them a little bit. I don’t know if any team has that.”
One does.
That team is Friday night’s opponent, which is 9-3 since trading Rudy Gay and still boasts arguably the best two-big combination in the NBA: Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph.
While that duo didn’t do the most damage in the Grizzlies’ 104-86 win Nov. 11 – Mike Conley’s penetration and the since-departed Wayne Ellington’s shooting were more destructive – the Heat understand that many doubt they measure up.
“It’s always going to be the perception against us as long as we are playing the way that we play,” Chris Bosh said.
Told of Collins’ comments, LeBron James concurred with Bosh.
“No matter how good a team is, you have to say something could derail a team,” James said. “They said that about the Bulls in the ’90s, you’ve got to beat them up inside, and no one ever beat them up inside, and if they tried, it didn’t matter.
“But everyone feels like that’s the way to beat us, is to have two bigs try to beat us up, and you’ll win. I don’t know, is that the answer? But we’ll be there. We’ll be ready for whatever game plan teams have against us.”
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