Does anyone have a good read on what the market for Alex Smith is? I can't quite figure it out but the Cardinals are reportedly the latest team interested in Smith. This according to a report from the Arizona Republic, who reports the Cardinals are "exploring the possibility" of trading for Smith.

We're dealing in a lot of hypotheticals here because we don't know what's real and what's not but given what we've heard I would argue the Chiefs make more sense than the Cardinals.

First, the Chiefs don't play in the NFC West but the Cardinals do. For that reason a trade to the Cardinals doesn't seem likely. The reason a team like the 49ers wouldn't want to trade within the division is because if they sent Smith to Arizona, and then he did something crazy like win the NFC West, then San Francisco would look pretty stupid. That's part of the reason why I would say this a trade to Arizona doesn't make the most sense.

The second reason is that the Chiefs can top any draft pick the Cardinals offer. If the Cardinals offer their third round pick, the Chiefs can beat them with their third round pick. Or a second round pick. Or a fourth round pick. You get the idea. The Chiefs, by virtue of sitting six spots ahead of the Cardinals in the draft order, can beat anything the Cardinals offer. This goes for any other team in the draft. The Chiefs can always offer the best package.

As for the rest of the Alex Smith market ... I don't have a good idea what it will be like.