"The CJ's" are underway and we're on to our next award. This one is a biggie and the Cincy Jungle staff have a wide range of nominees for The CJ Award for Play of the Year. After our takes, cast your vote for play of the year and leave the reasons for the way you voted.

Drumroll, please...

Josh Kirkendall: I'm going with the Leon Hall pick-six against the Pittsburgh Steelers. It set the stage for the team's first win against the Steelers in three years, which also earned Cincinnati a spot in the 2012 NFL playoffs. It was the only touchdown scored by the Bengals in the game.

Jason Garrison: I'll say Andy Dalton's 21-yard pass to A.J. Green to get the Bengals within field goal range at the end of the team's Week 16 game against Pittsburgh. Not only did that single play set up Josh Brown to kick the game-winning field goal, but it was about as clutch of a play as clutch can possibly get. Dalton struggled throughout the majority of the game, but when it mattered, he and his No.1 receiver got the job done and locked the Bengals into the playoffs for the second straight seasons.