And now we reach the final infield position, third base. Newsflash, Miguel Cabrera dominates this position. The Triple Crown winner more than made up for any defensive inefficiency he had last season. He was a full 200 OPS ahead of Youkilis, who has moved on to the Jackwagons. Looks like the option for the White Sox in 2013 will be Jeff Keppinger. He should hit better than Morel. The Tribe looks to be in decent shape as long as Chisenhall is who we think he is. I think Aviles or Phelps can be good backups if he falters. Moustakas probably is third best in this division, but needs to find some OBP help. His power is fine and he is still young enough. Plouffe had a breakout year last year, and is your number two guy in division heading into 2013.