Rotating around the diamond, we move to second base. After the stability of the first two positions, this position looks to be very weak overall. Kipnis had a very productive season. Beckham showed power, but had little on base presence. The Tigers, Royals and Twins all had very poor contributions from their ragtag personnel. Infante and Santiago are both signed for 2013, so I doubt much change is in store this year. Getz is signed through 2014, but Falu and Giovatella had good AAA numbers and might be worth a look this year with Getz moving to a bench role. With Casilla claimed by the Orioles and LGFT Carroll better suited as a utility guy, the Twins may default to Eduardo Escobar, whether he is ready or not.

Phelps looks like he is ready for the majors, so with Donald off to the Reds, he should end up as the bench guy this year. Matt Antonelli was recently signed and likely will be in AAA. Lawson looked a little promising albeit in limited playing time. Both Wolters and Jose Ramirez might also be useful at some point. But Ronny Rodriguez is likely the best potential player of the group.