Sliding over to the middle, we land in the expanse of center field. Austin Jackson clearly leads this group and he still has his prime years ahead of him. As much guff Brantley gets, he fares very well compared to the rest of the division, with De Aza possibly edging him out ever so slightly. But Danks is hot on his heels for that spot. Brantley is 3 years younger than him and has a chance to still push his OPS closer to 800. But with the deal for Stubbs, my bet is that Stubbs lands in center with Brantley shifting back to left. Span had a decent 2012 but has been dealt. The Royals bring up the rear here and unless Dyson or Cain catches a hot streak, there is not much to offer here. I fear 2013 will be another runaway year for Jackson, I expect De Aza to finish second, but that is mainly due to the dearth of good options for the Tribe, Royals and Twins. The Tribe will see if Drew Stubbs can relocate his bat. The Royals are hoping that either Dyson or Cain figures it out. And I am not sure what the Twins are doing after Span and Revere both got dealt. The current depth chart lists Darin Mastroianni as the starter. Brantley and Carrera will back up Stubbs, Wise was resigned and would likely get the call in Chicago. Torii Hunter and Berry can cover in Detroit, and Clete Thomas is the next in line for the Twins. The Royals also have Willy Tavares if needed.