This series attempts to review how each position fared within the AL Central last year and what holds for the future. The first chart reviews how the position fared in the majors between the five teams. The subsequent charts track each position through each team's farm system. Status is not always correct as some of the info was culled a few weeks ago. For players not on the 40-man roster, I have taken my best guess as when/how they were acquired. Not every player who played the position in the minors has been identified as again, I have tried to identify core players at the position only. Some identified as minor league free agents, could have been trade acquisitions. I also only reviewed down to the A level as players at A- or in the rookie leagues are still quite volatile.

First off, the tools of so-called ignorance. As an Indian fan, I am very much a proponent of Carlos. But, man, he might have only been the fourth best catcher in the division last year. Mauer was his usual self although I still believe he is vastly overpaid for the production proffered. Pier/jackwagon had a very good age 35 season. Salavdor Perez was extended recently, and the numbers he put up as a 22 year old in the majors are extremely promising. Carlos had a good year, considering the funk he was in post-concussion. Avila slumped quite a bit compared with 2011.