Texas Rangers right-hander Yu Darvish went through a new major-league experience on Saturday. A hitter showed him up for the first time.

In the first inning against Cincinnati, Darvish dropped a 68-mph curveball into the strike zone against Joey Votto, bringing a loud “oohhhh” from the crowd. Darvish tried another slow curveball two pitches later, and Votto blasted it to right for a mammoth homer.

As Votto crossed the plate, he put his right index finger to his lips, telling the crowd that “ooohh-ed” earlier to be quiet. Darvish scored a bit of revenge by making Votto look bat on a strikeout in his next at-bat.

It was the first time a batter has “shown up” in his major-league career. In Japan, where Darvish pitched for seven years, this aspect of the major-league game is unthinkable.