The Rangers finally have one question answered about Jurickson Profar: He will be in camp for all of spring training.

Now, they can move on to the bigger issues such as: Can he play well enough to win a job and can the job be big enough to justify keeping him out of an everyday starting lineup somewhere?

Profar told Rangers officials over the weekend that he would not participate in the World Baseball Classic for The Netherlands. It confirmed what he told them a month ago in the Dominican Republic, but he later backed off that statement and indicated he would play. Once he arrived in camp, he made a final decision and informed Netherlands teammates and friends and coaches that he would stay in Arizona.

“It was a tough decision for him, but we left it to him,” Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said after word leaked he had told Netherlands teammates such as Boston’s Zander Bogarts that he would not play. “He is committed to put himself in the best position to make our club. I give him credit. He had a unique opportunity to play for his country and he chose to stay here and try to make the team.”

Also, Adrian Beltre, after feeling some slight soreness in his calf in the first full workout, has decided not to play in the first round for the Dominican Republic. Should the Dominican advance, Beltre will re-consider the situation. Daniels said that if the Rangers “were playing a doubleheader, he’d be in both games, but he just wants to be extremely cautious.”

Beltre’s status with the club doesn’t hinge on the WBC. In Profar’s case, however, it may have been a much bigger issue.

Had Profar left for the WBC and been gone a minimum of 10 days and up to four weeks, it likely would have impacted his ability to win a spot on the team. Now, he can prove he belongs. The Rangers then will have to decide if they can find enough playing time for him in an expanded bench situation.