Hey, it’s exactly six weeks until opening day and just two days away from the first intrasquad game. It seems like a perfectly good time to wade into who will start the season opener: Matt Harrison or Yu Darvish?

This time it is a legitimate question.

In the last few years, the decision on the Opening Day starter has been pretty easy. In 2010, Scott Feldman got the honor after a 17-8 breakthrough season, but really there were no other attractive options in a completely revamped staff that included more experienced veterans. In 2011, CJ Wilson, coming off a 15-9 year, got it over similarly-experienced Colby Lewis. And last year, Lewis, then the most experienced starter on the team, got the honor over Derek Holland, whose 2011 numbers were superior.

“I think performance, experience and matchups will all play a part,” Washington said about the decision. “We could go either way. It’s a no-brainer that it is between those two guys.”

Washington said the Rangers’ have a tentative schedule for pitching early in the season, but declined to announce it. He’d like to wait to make sure everybody is healthy before revealing anything.

The safe bet is Harrison. He had the best year among Rangers starters and one of the best by a lefty in the majors. He also has more MLB experience than any other starter on the staff. While Darvish has more professional experience, all but one year has been in Japan.