The boos reined down on A.J. Pierzynski at Angels Stadium.

They seemingly always have and always will.

On Monday, he gave the announced crowd of 36,192 fans – actual attendance was much smaller – plenty of reason to boo their lungs out. His two-out, ninth-inning homer gave the Rangers a 7-6 win over Los Angeles. The Rangers trailed by three runs going to the seventh inning, making it the biggest comeback win of the season.

Ostensibly fans in Anaheim boo Pierzynski for his part in several controversial calls during the 2005 AL Championship Series while he was with Chicago. He was involved in a series-changing play in Game 2 of that series that led to the White Sox scoring a walk-off win. Pierzynski swung at a third strike in the ninth of that game, but the ball wasn’t caught and he realized it before Angels’ catcher Josh Paul did. Pierzynski reached first on the play and was replaced by a pinch runner who went on to score the winning run.

“But that was eight years ago,” Pierzynski said. “Everybody always ask about it, but that was so long ago, I don’t thinks anybody really remembers it. They all boo because others are booing. It’s OK. I love the atmosphere here. They are energetic and passionate. This place is always loud and it will always be special to me.”

Pierzynski, an aggressive hitter, got an elevated four-seam fastball from Ernesto Frieri on the first pitch and drove it to right field where it cleared the 16-foot fence for the game-breaking homer. As he rounded first, he shot his arm upward, eliciting even more boos.