A little over 20 months after decommitting from Baylor's 2013 recruiting class, OL Rami Hammad is coming home.

Last week, we started hearing rumors that OL Rami Hammad, once a Baylor commit in the class of 2013, was leaving Texas for greener pastures elsewhere. I never really considered the possibility that those pastures might be in Waco, but lo and behold.

Right away, you'll probably think that these numbers don't add up. Hammad redshirted in 2013, his first year in Austin. If he transfers now and just sits out 2014, you'd think he'd have 3 years left. Because it's an in-conference transfer, though, he loses an extra year of eligibility. That means he'll sit in 2014 and play in 2015 as a junior as if he never redshirted at all.