During one Pro Bowl practice, Texans cornerback Johnathan Joseph covered Texans receiver Andre Johnson. A few plays later, J.J. Watt lined up on offense.

"I'm trying to get coach (Gary) Kubiak to let me play tight end," Watt said before putting his finger to his lips in a shushing gesture — can't give away top-secret elements of a Pro Bowl game plan.

The pass that Denver quarterback Peyton Manning threw for Watt sailed over his head and out of the end zone with Watt unable to make the grab.

"My play was better than Arian's attempted pass," Watt countered of Foster.

Texans players have detected a bit of jealousy from others in the Pro Bowl this week.

"You get in the huddle and you look and you have two of your fellow linemen," left tackle Duane Brown said. "Starting running back, quarterback, receiver in the same huddle. Lot of familiar faces. Lot of guys are jealous of that. They envy it. It's a great feeling, and it says a lot about our team."