Mark Teixeira seems bound for the disabled list again, and surgery on his right wrist is possible. Don’t expect Kevin Youkilis back anytime soon. And Brian Cashman would have preferred to hear from hitting coach Kevin Long that Teixeira wasn’t right from the time he came off the DL instead of reading it in the Sunday paper.

Those were the developments yesterday in the Yankees’ universe as the club relaxed before opening a two-game series tonight at the Stadium against the Don Mattingly-led Dodgers.

“I am leaning toward the [15-day] DL, just because I have been informed that he will be down because of [Sunday’s cortisone] shot for a few days,’’ Cashman said of Teixeira, who removed himself from Saturday’s game in Anaheim because an issue with the same wrist that forced him to miss the first two months of the season.

“Then you have to get him going with tee work and get him going slowly to batting practice, but he wouldn’t be a player for us for about seven days is my understanding, at the minimum. Essentially, for what he is going through, the extra week will make a lot more sense. I haven’t done anything there yet, but I am leaning toward the disabled list.’’

Season-ending surgery is a possibility for the switch-hitting first baseman if rest doesn’t cure the problem, which was described as inflammation Sunday.

“Is this something that is a recurring theme because of the previous injury [torn tendon sheath] that is going to prevent him from being all he can be? If that’s the case, he will have to have the surgery,” Cashman said. “I don’t think anybody can honestly tell you, except the experts looking at the MRI diagnosed it as an inflamed tendon. Clearly it’s related to the injury he had in the spring, but is it something that will prevent him from playing or force him to have the surgery? I can’t rule any of that stuff out.’’