We love it, of course. Can’t get enough of it. Every time John Tortorella, the egomaniacal coach of the New York Rangers, calls out one of his players, we’re like the little girl in the TV commercials. We want more, we want more. We really like it, so we want more.

And if the cameras are rolling and the focus is on him, we’re sure to get more from Tough Guy Torty. He was asked before Game 2 why talented young forward Carl Hagelin is not on the Rangers power play, even though the Rangers power play looks like it’s made up of five guys who just met in line for the men’s room. Hagelin has not been effective on the power play, and Tortorella could have said so. He could have said Hagelin is uncomfortable or out of sync or better suited for even-strength play. Or some such coach speak.

Instead Tortorella said Hagelin stinks on the power play.

And in case you didn’t get it the first time, he said it again and again and again. Seven times in one answer, Carl Hagelin’s coach said Carl Hagelin stinks on the power play. Oh, but don’t get the wrong impression and think Tortorella dislikes Hagelin. Of course not. The coach claims that he “loves the guy.” He just stinks on the power play.

You know who else stinks on the power play? Everyone else in a Rangers uniform. They had five power-play chances Sunday afternoon and came up empty on all of them. They are 2-for-36 with the man-advantage in the playoffs, by far the worst success rate among teams still in the postseason. Hagelin was on the ice with the power-play unit for just 46 seconds Sunday, so now Tortorella has to look elsewhere for someone to blame. He might consider looking in the mirror.