Jason Terry is one of the few players in the NBA almost uniquely qualified to come off the bench. He won an NBA championship in 2011 and was voted Sixth Man of the Year in 2008-09.

But even though the Celtics [team stats] have Courtney Lee ready to step into the starting shooting guard role, Terry has been put on alert by coach Doc Rivers that the job may he his for a while as the club waits for Avery Bradley to return from shoulder surgery.

"He said, 'Until Avery gets healthy, just keep an open mind. We may need you to do it,'?" Terry said. "He said, 'We're just going to continue to search and find the right combination and mix of guys.'

"I told him, 'Whatever you want to do.'?"

Most every player enjoys the prestige that comes with being an NBA starter, but Terry genuinely embraces being a reserve — even if it means he doesn't get to be introduced with the starters and have a spotlight follow him out in a darkened arena.

Then again, Terry embraces most everything about basketball with the exception of pulled hamstrings.

"I love starting," he said. "I love coming off the bench. I just love playing the game. So any opportunity, I'm there and I'm ready for it. That's all that matters."

But one can see him light up when he talks about the special requirements for those who excel at making an impact on the game as a substitute.

"Oh, no question there are skills you have to have," he said. "There is no warmup. You have to come in and you have to be right into the game and you have to know your assignment.

"You've got to be willing and ready to make plays and make shots. That's the biggest thing that people struggle with. They're like, OK, let me get two or three times up and down the court to get loose. Naw, there's no getting loose.