Just how good is Terry Francona feeling these days?

“If you're at the pool at 4:30 in the morning, you'll see him swimming laps,” says his new boss, Indians general manager Chris Antonetti.

Talk about diving into a new job. …

Francona has had the pedal to the metal since Cleveland named him to succeed Manny Acta last fall. He contacted every one of his players, either in person or via text, over the winter. He contacted every one of Cleveland's minor-league managers, coaches and scouts so he could learn every nook and cranny of his new and historic organization.

And when he pulled on his Cleveland uniform for the first time on a damp and chilly Arizona morning here Monday.

“I was as proud as I've ever been,” Francona says. “I knew I would be.

“I always get excited for the first day of spring training. There are a lot of firsts -- first day down here, first meeting with pitchers and catchers. I always get excited because it's what I love doing.

“But I was very proud this morning.”