If LSU running back Terrence Magee could push a button and have super-recruit Leonard Fournette appear at spring practice he would. And that's not spouting the old team-play company line.

Darrel Williams, too, come on down.

"Me and Kenny (Hilliard) are looking forward to him (Fournette) and Darrel Williams coming in because we're taking a lot of reps," Magee said, indicating the workload is daunting even after three spring practices.

Magee (5-foot-9, 211 pounds) and Hilliard (6-0, 233) are the only ones left from a position that two seasons ago was overstocked at five deep. Juniors Spencer Ware and Michael Ford bailed out for the 2013 NFL draft for that reason. Jeremy Hill and Alfred Blue, both of whom could have returned, are gone for the 2014 draft. In the recruiting class between, the Tigers signed no running backs.

Ultimately that's going to create more playing time for Magee, who was a situational back in 2013, and Hilliard. Magee finished second to Hill in carries (86), rushing yardage (626) and touchdowns (8), and became more of an option as the season went on. He rushed for 358 yards in his last five games.

His role expanded under new offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, who used Magee as a third down back and one who could pick his way through traffic out of spread formations with multiple wide receivers.

Magee said he will have another role come the fall and that will be to help Fournette and Williams adapt in a short amount of time in fall camp to be ready for the season, knowing Fournette, touted by some as the next Adrian Peterson, may end up getting the larger share of the carries on the season.

"When I (came here) we had guys like Alfred Blue and Spencer Ware and Michael Ford, they were able to take us under their wing and teach us things and groom us to be the backs we are now," Magee said. "As leaders and seniors on the team, it's me and Kenny's job to bring those guys in and do the same thing, as well as learning from them, too. They are going to have some perspectives and ideas we don't have."