Terrelle Pryor's highly questionable to play on Sunday for the Raiders thanks to a massive shot he took late in Oakland's Monday night loss to the Broncos in Week 3. Pryor took a shot suffered a concussion stayed in the game and left for evaluations.

Pryor later said he doesn't "remember much" from Monday's game. He does remember enough apparently to believe that Wesley Woodyard should be fined for the hit he laid on the Raiders quarterback.

"I think he should get fined definitely" Pryor said Thursday.

But should the Raiders get fined? After all they left Pryor in the game. But Pryor said the team couldn't have known based on the way he behaved after the hit.

"Looked like I was functioning; I watched the tape” Pryor said. “I could definitely see why they didn't see it ... I was talking to them so I was fine because they were asking me [questions]. Definitely a delayed reaction."

This of course ignores the fact that Pryor was laying on the ground. Which is exactly why the NFLPA is looking into Oakland's protocol Monday night.