Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor admits he wasn't completely forthcoming last week regarding his right knee sprain and was a spectator Wednesday while backup Matt McGloin took snaps with the first team offense.

``It was the competitive nature in myself,'' Pryor said. ``I was thinking, I can go out, I've just got to do this. I can go sit in the pocket.' It fired back against me. I didn't want to let my teammates down.''

Coach Dennis Allen said Pryor would be monitored during the week and if unable to play, McGloin would become the Raiders third starting quarterback of the season after Pryor and the departed Matt Flynn.

``We'll monitor Terrelle as he goes through the week and see how he's feeling as the week goes on,'' Allen said.

After not letting on regarding his knee last week, Pryor wasn't making any bold predictions about facing the Texans Sunday at Reliant Stadium.

``It's up to the training staff and D.A.,'' Pryor said. ``However he feels about the situation, that's on him. And, obviously, myself, how I feel.''

Pryor was 11 of 26 passes for 122 yards, one touchdown and an interception that Terrelle Thomas returned 65 yards to set up the go-ahead touchdown as the New York Giants beat the Raiders 24-20.

In his first four games, Pryor never completed less than 62.4 percent of his passes in any game, had games with passer ratings of 112.4 and 135.7 and had four touchdown passes and two interceptions.

In the last four games, Pryor hasn't completed more than 53.7 percent of his passes in any game and has one touchdown pass and eight interceptions.

Pryor said he is no less confident in his ability.

``I think I still bring excitement. I think I make people's eyes go wide on plays,'' Pryor said. ``I'm not to worried about a loss of confidence at all. It's just a learned lesson and you try to put your head down and keep digging.''