The majority of the reaction to Michael Sam coming out in advance of the 2014 NFL Draft has been positive. Not everyone is convinced Sam's presence will go over smoothly.

For instance, Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas, in an interview with Dan Graziano of ESPN, said that Sam could draw "unwanted attention" which would be "a lot for one player to carry."

"The attention on him is going to bring attention to the team -- unwanted attention, questions that the players, the coaches, the whole organization is going to have to answer -- and that's a lot for one player to carry by himself," Thomas said.

Thomas likened the situation to the Dolphins issue with Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin from earlier in the year, when the locker room was besieged by media attention.

"You just look at what happened this year with the Miami Dolphins' situation," Thomas said. "That became something we were being asked about every day in our locker room, and it wasn't even our team.

"And they're the kinds of questions where you have to think carefully about how you phrase things."

That last statement ironically apparent in Thomas' own words. The cornerback used the phrase "unwanted attention" when talking about Sam. That reeks of a negative connotation, even though Thomas wasn't saying that Sam is unwanted. (It makes for an easier headline too, but I avoided it on purpose because it didn't seem fair to Thomas based on what he said.)

Thomas makes a valid enough point that things could be different in terms of what matters to players on the field versus what matters in the locker room. Unfortunately for him, he used the phrase "uncomfortable" as well.