As 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver found himself at the center of a firestorm over anti-gay comments on Thursday, Ravens star linebacker Terrell Suggs said he would "absolutely not" have a problem with a gay teammate.

"We wouldn't have a problem with it," Suggs told Pro Football Talk's Michael David Smith. "We don't care. Our biggest thing in the locker room is to just have fun and stay loose. We don't really care too much about that. We're a football team. I said it yesterday; everybody deserves a certain amount of privacy. Who cares? Whatever a person's choice is, it's their choice."

"On this team, with so many different personalities, we just accept people for who they are and we don't really care too much about a player's sexuality," Suggs said. "To each their own. You know who you are, and we accept you for it."

Culliver caused a stir after comments leaked of a Media Day interview with radio host Artie Lange, in which Culliver denounced the idea of a gay teammate.

"I don't do the gay guys man, I don't do that," Culliver told Lange. "Nah, we ain't got no gay people on the team. They gotta get up outta here if they do. Can't be with that sweet stuff. Nah, can't be in the locker room."