You know, normally I wouldn’t find much humor in a former professional athlete wanting to join the PBA World Series of Bowling. I mean, why not? If it’s something you enjoy, give it a go.

But considering it’s Terrell Owens – as they say so eloquently on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown, c’mon, man.

Per the Huffington Post:

Terrell Owens has finally found a sport where he doesn’t have to worry about getting the ball.
T.O. wants to be a professional bowler.
“You never know where it may go,” Owens said. “For me the sky is the limit with my ability and what I can do.”

Now, Owens actually had partaken in semi-professional bowling before, so it’s not as if this is a new thing or simply a publicity stunt but rather – okay – it’s Owens. Of course it’s a publicity stunt, who am I kidding.