Titans tight end Taylor Thompson developed into a powerful offensive and special-teams blocker during his rookie season last year.

The only catch was that, well, there weren’t many catches.

Thompson snared only six receptions, a figure that was somewhat understandable given that he’d played defensive end in college and that the Titans already featured veteran tight ends Jared Cook and Craig Stevens.

But considering the fact the Titans surrendered a draft pick in order to move up and select Thompson in 2012, and considering that names like Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham were used in comparison to him at the time, it’s fair to assume more receptions will be expected this season.

“We want to take advantage of his versatility, and he needs to be consistent for us,” coach Mike Munchak said. “This is a big time of year for him. It’s a chance for him to get confidence and get a lot better so that when we get to camp, he has more of a comfort level with what we’re doing.”

Comfort is a word that comes up often with Thompson as he describes the difference between his first season and his second offseason.

Whereas last year there were times he still felt like a defensive end who happened to be playing tight end, he’s felt more settled in his offensive role so far this offseason.

“It’s a huge difference,” Thompson said. “I’m definitely a lot more comfortable this year as far as being out there and playing offense. I feel like it’s second-nature now, where last year I had to think a bunch.”