The Tennessee Titans offensive line was a glaring weakness during the 2012 season that was on exacerbated by injuries. Fortunately for QB Jake Locker and RB Chris Johnson, it looks like measures will be taken to assure that 2013 is not a repeat.

But let's hear it from the horses mouth. Here's general manager Ruston Webster, courtesy of John Glennon of the Tennessean:

Our offensive line, with all the injuries and issues we had, I think that really affected us," Webster said. "That's something we have to make more solid, more reliable. We have to get better. I think it will be hard for us to get better on offense until that area improves.

That is encouraging news. The Titans have a history of being stingy with their offensive line, and that quote doesn't necessarily mean their going to go crazy and draft somebody in the first round to anchor the center of the line, but it might.