Jake Locker is adjusting to life with one good arm, one wink at a time.

Two weeks after surgery on his left shoulder, the Titans quarterback is still sleeping in a recliner or on a couch, sitting up. He sleeps six hours a night, if he's lucky.

Simple daily activities he took for granted, he now fully appreciates.

"My pain level, I feel fine with it. It doesn't hurt too bad," Locker said Wednesday from Ferndale, Wash. "It's just getting used to not being able to use one arm. It's kind of a shock to the system. And the trying to sleep at night, that's the worst part. It's been awful."

Locker isn't sitting around moping, however. On Wednesday he accompanied his brother-in-law to-be on a duck-hunting trip and was in charge of directing Tuff, the 1½-year-old Labrador he's been training. The day was a success even though Locker never picked up a gun.

"He was 4-for-4," he said of Tuff. "He went and got them all and brought them back, so we didn't have to move from where we were. … It's just fun for me just to get out of the house and take my mind off things."

Locker had surgery in Nashville to repair his twice dislocated non-throwing shoulder and a broken bone at the front of the shoulder.

He expects to be in a sling until he sees his doctor again in about a month. In the meantime, he's working with physical therapists to maintain range of motion.

When doctors clear him for more activity, Locker said he plans to return to Nashville and continue rehab at Baptist Sports Park. He hopes to be ready for minicamps in June.