After the Royals and Orioles brawled earlier this week, popular opinion seemed to pin most of the blame on Kansas City’s Yordano Ventura, and not on Baltimore’s Manny Machado.

“What in the world should the Royals do with Yordano Ventura?” Fox Sports’s Ken Rosenthal asked. “There is a reason why his catcher didn’t sprint to stop the lurching Machado, why his manager admitted after the game that the Royals have grown weary of him, why, according to executives from two teams, the Royals within the past month have offered Ventura up in trade talks,” Yahoo’s Jeff Passan wrote. “Yordano Ventura and the all-heel Major League Baseball team of super villains” read one SB Nation headline. “There are two issues: fighting in baseball in general, and Yordano Hernandez Ventura, the 25-year-old right-hander who just can’t stop throwing at people,” as our Barry Svrluga put it.

Of course, some Royals pushed back on that narrative, with Alex Gordon saying “I think both guys are at fault,” and that “both sides were in the wrong.”

“I can tell you that Machado can deserve a lot of the blame for that, too,” Royals broadcaster Rex Hudler said on Kansas City’s 610 Sports Radio. “He can take an equal half. Because if I was a pitcher, and I threw a ball, and the guy pops it up, and he’s looking at me and he’s cussing me out and saying some things to me, the next time up, I might give him a rib ball. And if I was a hitter and said that, I definitely would be looking for getting drilled.