The fallen first baseman walked through a dimly lit hallway toward the clubhouse at GMS Field. His left hand carried a shoebox. A splint covered his right wrist, holding in place the partially torn tendon sheath that has rendered murky his status for 2013, with season-ending surgery still a distinct possibility.

Teixeira returned to the Yankees complex on Sunday morning for the first time since injuring his right wrist before a World Baseball Classic exhibition game on March 5. His return to the field remains a mystery. All involved parties still hope Teixeira will miss just eight to 10 weeks. But Teixeira admitted he might not retake the field until June.

He also revealed more details about the nature of his injury. The Yankees initially reported a strain of Teixeira’s ECU tendon. Teixeira clarified that his tendon was not damaged. But the sheath protecting the tendon was.

Unlike Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista, who required surgery last season, Teixeira’s tendon is stable. But he needs the sheath to heal before he can play.