Teemu Selanne charmed a media throng, while teammates handled a post-practice meal Monday.

He strolled through the Ducks' lobby, stopping to chat with those working the front desk.

He stepped into the Southern California sun, where more than a dozen fans waited, ranging from a 5-year-old boy to a woman in her 60s, who squealed, "Teemu!" In the group, pen and camera ready, was Karl Hedlin, a 59-year-old man wearing a Winnipeg Jets jersey who came from Edmonton to see Selanne.

"Teemu, he's a great player," Hedlin said as Selanne signed and posed until everyone was satisfied. "But he is a better person."

Put that on the plaque in the Hall of Fame whenever Selanne finally decides to call it quits.

The Ducks may have a Hart Trophy candidate in Corey Perry, but the team's heart is a 40-year-old man with a Tom Sawyer-ish quality —a mixture of camaraderie and mischief, which is valued as much as his 31 goals this season, bringing his career total to 637.

"I always talk to younger guys about our love of hockey compared to the real world," Selanne said. "There are people who have jobs. We get to have fun."

And that keeps Selanne playing when there seems nothing left to achieve but joy, whether that's bantering with teammates or the occasional chiding of referees.

"Whenever there is a bad call, you know he is going to put his two cents in," Ducks forward Bobby Ryan said.

During a game last season, Selanne asked a referee, "How much do you make? How about I buy you out and don't have to see you again," a line he delivered with the usual grin.