Besides preferring to build through the draft, there's a reason Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson is doing nothing more than window shopping during the NFL free agency period.

It has to do with the guy walking through the Arizona Biltmore hotel, the site of this year's NFL owners meeting, with his signature yellow note pad and some very big numbers written on it.

David Dunn is the agent for quarterback Aaron Rodgers and linebacker Clay Matthews, and barring unforeseen circumstances he'll be co-authoring a pair of enormous contract extensions that will eat up a healthy amount of the Packers' salary cap space.

It's not known what stage Dunn and Packers negotiator Russ Ball are in with either contract, but they have been talking and it's likely they'll meet more than once over the next three days at the meetings.

Thompson acknowledged Sunday that it is a natural progression for players like Rodgers and Matthews to have their contracts addressed at this stage of their careers and didn't dispute talks were going on.

"Those things will be looked at at some point," Thompson said. "You can never predict on those things. We're always working at stuff like that. I'm not talking about those guys specifically, and I never comment directly about those guys, but we're always working, contemplating, talking in that realm. Always."

Having to make Rodgers the highest-paid player in the NFL and Matthews one of the highest-paid defensive players offers a handy excuse for Thompson to eschew free agency, but the fact is even if the Packers had $100 million salary cap space - instead of $18 million - Thompson still would want to build his team through the draft.