Ted "Batboy" Kremer returns to action Thursday night to reprise his role as Reds honorary batboy that last August launched a journey that took his story nationwide and got him invited to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address.

Now, Kremer is the subject of a work-in-progress "E:60" profile by ESPN that is expected to air in the fall. An ESPN crew will be in town Thursday for the Reds vs. Miami Marlins game in which Kremer will assist Reds regular batboy Luke Stowe with his duties. The ESPN crew is seeking to capture the joy and spontaneity that Kremer, a 30-year-old from White Oak with Down syndrome, first brought to the Reds dugout on Aug. 17.

It was Stowe, son of Reds equipment manager Rick Stowe, who scouted Kremer during a preliminary run-through at Great American Ball Park on Aug. 5 and recommended Kremer to the Reds' brass as being ready to assist with the batboy duties. Kremer instantly connected with the Reds players, bringing a call from some fans for his return.