If you're a Wild fan curious as to what assistant coach Darryl Sydor is doing with an iPad on the bench during games, he's not, as head coach Mike Yeo joked, playing solitaire.

He's not playing Words With Friends or perusing Twitter, either.

For the first time this season, the Wild is using an iPad on the bench in order to assist players during games. It is undoubtedly in the elementary stages as the coaches try to figure out the best way to incorporate the device.

"It's taking some getting used to," Yeo said. "The biggest difference is instead of looking up at [the center-ice] big screen, we're looking down."

Sydor is mostly using the iPad quickly during TV timeouts to show players things like opposing penalty kill and power-play setups, forechecks and faceoff plays. But because this is a fast-flowing sport in which Yeo and assistant coach Rick Wilson need to constantly be watching for matchups and switching lines and defense pairs, it hasn't gotten a lot of use during play.

Basically, the Wild is hooked up to Slingbox, which enables Sydor to stream the game and rewind to different points. But there are kinks, like "a 5-second delay," Sydor said.

Defenseman Ryan Suter took advantage of it once.

"After a power-play breakaway, after my shift, I wanted to see what my options were," Suter said.