In an effort to help himself gain an edge defensively, Aledmys Diaz, for about the last month, has been testing out wearable technology that has previously helped NBA player Stephen Curry with his shooting and Bryce Harper with his hitting.

Several times a week, Diaz dons a pair of strobe glasses when he takes his place on the infield for pregame work. The glasses, which were introduced to him by first-base/infield coach Oliver Marmol, have the capability of taking visual information away from an athlete at varied increments in order to increase focus and decrease panic during activity.

Marmol begins by taking away 10 percent of the visual information and then changes that percentage based upon the difficulty of the drill and the proficiency of the athlete.

"If we can train our athletes to be comfortable in that panic situation and navigate back to a normal state where they can make good decisions, then the practice that we do here transfers that much better to a game," Marmol explained. "The feedback we get the most is it feels like everything slows down."

So far, Diaz is the only Cardinals player who has chosen to utilize the device.