A night that begin with a flame show during Memphis' introductions ended with a different type of fireworks show.

With 3.4 seconds left in the Grizzlies' 103-94 win over the Jazz, 6-foot-4, 220-pound guard Randy Foye was momentarily halted and put into a headlock by the 7-foot-1, 265-plus-pound Marc Gasol while he drove for a last-second shot.

While Gasol reached down to help Foye up, 6-1 Mo Williams rushed over and pushed the big Spaniard away from his teammate.

The spat was reminiscent of the 'mess-with-one-mess-with-all' attitude displayed by the Jazz last season when Earl Watson rushed to Derrick Favors' defense against Dirk Nowitzki.

Williams received a technical foul — his second in four games — but the Jazz were so impressed they just might chip in to help him pay the hefty $2,500 fine.

"You've got to love that," Jazz shooting guard Gordon Hayward said. "We're going to finish the game to the end no matter what, and you've got to stand up for your teammates."