This will go down as a record-setting season for the Clippers no matter what they do in the playoffs, but expectations have changed.

Expectations here are grand, and that's why coach Vinny Del Negro hasn't been pleased with his team in a couple of months. The Clippers lost four of five games before Wednesday's home game against Phoenix, which doesn't instill a lot of confidence with six regular-season games left.

"I understand where that comes from," Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro said. "We got off to such a hot start and were undefeated the month of December. Some people say we're complacent because we'd won the division.

"We just haven't played well enough. We have not played at a high enough level consistently enough. No, I'm not hpapy with the level of play, probably since All-Star break."

Players have been talking about the need to perform and get back on track, but those words are ringing hollow.

Tweeted Matt Barnes on Wednesday: "It's time for us to put up or shut up.. The Type of basketball WE'VE been playing lately is gonna have us on vacation in a couple of weeks."