Back in the day on November 12, 2012 the Toronto Blue Jays were still considered a mediocre medium market team. For many years people had been saying that the Blue Jays were a sleeping giant. The Jays were a team on the rise and with the help of one the richest ownership groups and a stacked farm system it was just a matter of time before they put those things into good use.

I’d like to be able to say the rest is history but we haven’t seen them play a game yet.

Those aren’t the only two huge factors that helped the Jays do all they did this offseason.

It doesn’t get mentioned enough but one of the reasons the Blue Jays were able to take on so much payroll this offseason is because they have so many team friendly contracts.

In 2013 the Blue Jays were going to be paying Bautista, Encarnacion, Morrow, Ricky and Lind combined a little over 42 million. To put that discount into perspective Mark Buehrle is going to make 39 million in the last 2 years of his contract.

Last season Brandon Morrow had 3 complete game shutouts and finished the season with a 2.96 ERA. It was Morrow’s first consistently dominant season. He’ll be 28 next season so there’s a possibility he could just be coming into his prime. If Morrow can be the ace Blue Jays fans have waiting for he’ll be a steal with his guaranteed 2 year 16 million contract with a 10 million dollar option for 2015. The Blue Jays did sign Morrow when he was somewhat unproven so it wasn’t a steal at the time but could definitely end up being a team friendly contract compared to most ace pitchers making 15-25 million a season.

In a world where there are relievers making 13-15 million dollars a year the Toronto Blue Jays are paying Jose Bautista 14 million in 2013 and Encarnacion 8 million.