Having studied interactions between Tony Romo and Jason Witten earlier in his career in Dallas and after working with Eli Manning in New York new Bears tight end Martellus Bennett came to realize the value of strong communication with his quarterback and how eventually it enriches chemistry.

“When we watch film I sit right behind (Jay Cutler) so I can whisper in his ear. It sounds kind of creepy” Bennett said Friday. “I sit right behind him so I can whisper in his ear and ask him ‘Hey is that what you wanted?’ And he’ll just give me a thumb up. I know I probably get on his nerves because I’m always talking to him.”

Still it doesn’t stop Bennett from attempting exhaustive interaction with the quarterback.

“I try to eat with (Cutler) as much as possible. I try to talk to him drop by his room even if it’s not about football; let him get to know me as a person” Bennett explained. “He knows my background and he knows I’ve got to feed my family. I’m helping him feed his family and we all understand that. I think it takes your game to another level. If you get personal with the wives and everyone’s family their kid(s) you’ve got to go a little bit harder (on the field) for their family and those guys as well.”