After a lengthy examination then re-examination process TCU cornerback Jason Verrett has decided to undergo surgery to repair his injured labrum. Here’s why.

Speaking with those from Verrett’s camp this evening I found out most of the news from doctors re-examining his injured labrum was positive. Verrett was offered two options; 1) rehabilitate his injured labrum without surgery or 2) undergo surgery to repair the labrum.

While rehabilitation without the surgery sounded comforting I’m told Verrett was informed he would be dealing with a large degree of potential pain moving forward and there was no guarantee another knock to the shoulder would not further damage the labrum at which point surgery would be a necessity.

That meant the possibility of missing a portion of the 2014 season.

Surgery before the draft would immediately repair the injury, lessen any pain experienced from the start of camp and severely reduce the potential of further damage moving forward.

Considering Verrett will have at least four months after the procedure to rehab his labrum, undergoing surgery was a no brainer.