So this is what it's like from the other side.

Former Piston Tayshaun Prince stood across the way during the national anthem Tuesday at the Palace, staring at red, white and blue as opposed to standing alongside it.

His teammates stood up in anticipation as PA announcer John Mason recited the starting lineup for the Memphis Grizzlies, smiling and gesturing to Prince, who wore his old college number, 21.

Prince knew what was coming because he'd seen it before, the last member of a championship contending team, but it was a situation he probably felt he'd never have to endure in the Grizzlies' 105-91 win over the Pistons Tuesday night.

As was the case with teammates Chauncey Billups and Richard Hamilton, a rousing round of applause, tinged not so much with wanderlust but appreciation for doing what was often a thankless job, accompanied his entrance as the last man announced by Mason, raising his arms in thanks.

A highlight video showing Prince's accomplishments played at the first timeout, and the crowd roared again when his legendary block of Reggie Miller in the 2004 Eastern Conference Finals was shown.

"I expected it for the simple fact that they've done it for the other guys who were here. I knew the fans would be appreciative," Prince said. "Things go so fast. I'm looking forward to this game and now it's over."

Prince scored just four points in 20 minutes, and Austin Daye scored six in 14 minutes. Prince said he wanted Daye to do well more than he did himself, that the revenge factor in Billups and Hamilton's case wasn't the feeling he had entering the game.

"I think a lot of guys put themselves in a position where they say man, I'm going to go out there and try to get 30 and show them," Prince said. "That ain't me, know what I mean? I'm past that."

The local media let him in on the report about the Pistons' coming close to trading him in 2007, with a package of players for Kobe Bryant, and he was a little surprised.

From The Detroit News: