Tayshaun Prince thought he was going to be a Detroit Piston for life ... or at least close to it. I think the team's fans thought the same thing. That is why the quickly developing trade sending Prince and Austin Daye to the Memphis Grizzlies in exchange for Jose Calderon was such a surprise.

Of course, fans weren't the only ones who were surprised. Prince recently gave an interview to ESPN Memphis where he talked about learning he was leaving the only team he had ever known and what he thinks about his new playoff-bound team in Memphis. On his reaction upon learning of the trade:

"I was shocked, I was completely shocked. The situation that I had been in in Detroit, I thought I would know something was coming. I was pretty shocked. We played a game in Indiana, 45 minutes before the game and they came and grabbed me off and told me the news, so it was pretty shocking."